Thursday, April 23, 2009

patterson the bugler

cooking my Ace scale here
i hid all my deleted bags
i cancel telephone hexers
said. ein patterson ein loosen I'n yours
what about got du bags
must cancel telephone trash ties
paper telephone especially
der fruit was but bio - authentic just trash’) gesicht...
tides der PM love appear as Urne
Menda and Furry trash errors fun like ties
those trendy tides say have vague ist
flies hatte undRessed
taught bags fear ist
eyes with flangerology technic
version roots
version fluctuations youRs i is:
you’re my tides i deleted youRs
appears time appears those time hidden as jaan flying
taught Furry jaan call it diaper mex version
my loving jaan of authentic roots die
disgust measured appears how fly flies
it wasn't jerk love
cancel trash’) & you’re flying ein more tide

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

('relieved version of ‘how i deleted my trash’)

now as roots nurse taught flying
the call of authentic appears in diapers fun
none of those were menda’s he said.

Im er eyes

please wind - du your called vague
jerk jets deleted then realized like now she wasn't to purse paradoxes

hexer measured that fortunate flower dress
den is not in or but loving out

paradoxes purse i life
those especially fear only

decided was the fact that bleeded his tongue

‘endloser traum’ der may reverese 

min hidden errors is like the bio gesicht...

Furry sight we use to disgust as mex bags!
Deforcement tides fur or and for lost sorry

loosen undRessed handles
hatte - & if had hid hidden, we might

ist so wie ein pondered telephone
just it’s trendy scale

here you’re just bags!

As he cancel topf technic as or cooking
my forced pants drop any files

time the lost!

Can flangerology in dude flies say her
discuss as my die welk trash be


called fluctuations are over

was fly
my now is:

got risen
auch too i bag,
the bugs as bags

don sideways now

hier natural at urne,
put fruit about have eitherstand
that nuns youRs getting

(relieved version of ‘deleted my trash’)

oxen diminish.walking sheep eat leaves.poetry moves truth.a haiku

joseph boi

Monday, April 20, 2009

rendered paper

sterpy do don't decide do such as suggested

no worry passed by saints passing eyelash stellar cardboard

trenchfloat tired rubber sponging as urging urine box tests

if then fletched tongues crosses the street by as natural noise can get

smiling pies wait through doors causing traffic

hence will do the rest...

jaan, stop lose your friends...

we are such fields in version

patterning eye parts as noise

by a quantum patterson

ideal location sonic by

jaan and his noiseless spectrums

a jaan during patterson

Sunday, April 19, 2009

carmen's on jaan's qubit, how's emburrowood 'S

view - STEP

signals incorporate green fields atomic fields 0's spectrums
in patterning ideal 'You' in violet

optimal such & does location survival
knowledge decay detail vacuum location
for subspace adapting during jaan pointing at books
how error thing...a requiring qubit resized as
such vacuum April advice in imaging lower detail locations

work jaan's ideal beam in operates violet
2009 19, noiseless between grass

has silicon ingredients
(what as violet again)
fields arrows try a general fabrication bound
two challenge books as scalable state to develop between
the call error we as racovitza qubit
are pass noise in eye texts sundays,
comes quantum posted their survive version knowledge

we posted within the sonic you?
as if books chewing method try enlightenment
of lower real arrows transition correlate outter parts i

adapting scalable parts novel terminal we observe as text
show 'is' combination as already formidable carmen fields
show energy view by ideal incorporate control embarass
of such as moves cryogenic noiseless -
such developed level their qubit…

jaan's qubit thing...a version (what if i embarass you?)

noise such operates
we book sonic level between arrows in beam patterning
we vacuum the decay combination of texts
pass imaging
general knowledge does work on real transition fields
this for jaan
how their fields are locations
call advice in error show incorporate between the resized scalable
in scalable noiseless books
such formidable view we view in STEP enlightenment
energy location ingredients as arrows adapting qubit
adapting the grass as to their parts ‘green’
posted 'You' within optimal locations
- we try parts try novel as subspace
show two cryogenic 0's as during atomic signals
violet decay violet
moves spectrums
vacuum comes
eye control ideal state outter a. as quantum develop lower
error challenges
as lower 'is' the text already chewing fields and fabrication
the pointing ideal has survival detail - terminal
requiring silicon as method incorporate for survive detail
developed as we observe bound books by such correlate knowledge
noiseless in fields of
ideal qubit violet

initial qubits reported

Ultra individual 1

Release in your gas


Observe the ‘green’ energy
delete the will as infra pointing does to the spectrum to survive

Detail then…

the resized parts STEP in sort of real matching spectrums
as these appear during midway focus in our lives

hydrogen selected lower transitions levels & lines
should not further decay our voice as naturally already known
drag transitions in violet (lower) as but also mainly try the arrows lower than a 'You'

within fabrication developed combining the measure
this combination scalable advice arrives as number

unique fabrication fields such as grass locations and atomic devices
interfere with the terminal and control contact to have patterning beam upon us
be outter eye un & der ear

correlate devices incorporate the formidable molecular imaging called view

we strategy silicon

device is down to develop temperatures at challenges adapting cryogenic characteristics knowledge and enlightenment of chewing gum sorts
electronic vacuum method hair dopants sonic-level in the technology other
it passes patterns of elements to make such as unique fabrication locations liable

quantum move into noise lower requiring to continue addressing
to be able & found all quantum individuals
gates error has his One than comes in between
this can effect qubit takes in order for smile transfers

Et the 'is' is fault fragile 042308 this in general
together we execute passed the bichromatic control of two will A 0
a decoherence-free operate method execution pass optimal & how 2 plots in novel
methods never survive state in noiseless bounds parameter books
such as noise 75, f=kp/8 advantages show and fault their work at low perform subspace literature

now we coupled texts
Noiseless as her qubit signals
in the between gap for the IF colleagues trusted in us
parameter gates ideal little for the ingredient pens

as they believe, - they found an addressing device.

experieo-alphabet evolves sans-word

Saturday, April 18, 2009



ASEMICA - clockwork letters

Friday, April 17, 2009

the pronoun theory of romance

Jenny who loved him eventually hated Joe who fucked her

Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked her) eventually hated Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved him)

Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved him)) eventually hated Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked her))

Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked her))) eventually hated Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved him)))

Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved him)))) eventually hated Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked (Jenny who loved (Joe who fucked her))))

and on it goes

based on him(jmwilliams)

Muse Thing: The Calliope Nerve Weblog: razor earth with nine blades of venom


traditional turtle sunshine with earth venom
my sunshine nine blades touch giant last zone
the takes bark / I nose-wok
french sunshine has forgiven earth razor
of razor parody
sundial trespasses
oh, walter of myself
I shine my blades
with venom for nine
result of forgiven


you of nine last with the traditional earth
the frost of earth takes trespass walter
along meridian earth
trespass walter with belt barks
I anchor jones to the last fries
I remind him of his giant parody
sundial's joking
and says: meet walter jones


frost forgiven

my new turtle buckle nose-woks
courageously over
action overlord: traditional french fries vs. traditional blades
razor nose-woks
if blades blades are forgiven
slurping new venom
soviet earth last reminds me of
blades of food

cool lk/s crumpled sheets

As the question of correlation
between madness and creativity
became subject

I have to say dancing

in unacceptable venues
where the only music is
explosions in your mind.

Movement is not driven
by external sounds.

All creative process
is driven in this manner
of speaking.

Failure? is unknown matter
when you are disease.

Aspire to the unmouthing
the unlearning the
splitting of atoms simply
because they are there.

Fall to earth
from impossible heights
just to oppose theology.
Reason is the least.
Eat those scattered pieces
and reconstruct
with mind in the bowels.

There is nothing to swallow you
so swallow self makes deities
of us
all in nothing


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apparatus of Paranoid Critical Activity

A teleological pulverizing of abject nonexistence
into an idol of broken reason that needs to be violated
Put yr mind at ease winter of coal dust
I will never forget my mental hospital
Paralysis is the beginning of wisdom
If you hold out yr hands yr friends will cut them off
All forms of lunacy need these swift tongues
Picabia is in his office forgetting about 1ife
Pure aggression glides above the clouds
Obscuring the cancerous ardor of work
The love of white sheets like a ship in the streets
A star falls into a river leaving a trail of copies
Obscenity only exists in yr imagination
Because I dress as a woman in order to dance
the work of negation and destruction in clouds
of servile dust the ordinance falls
The polished anodyne rivets
the density of pure atomic matter
What substance abuse immobilizes you
other than the critical elements of sarcasm irony
and violent irrational synapse of flying
visceral lacerations play piano ay the bottom of a lake
demanding the conquest of irrationality
becomes fatigue lines in the belly of the cluster
of selfish ideological chaos nothing more to do
Picabia is in the alley forgetting about young girls who lift their skirts
Nothing is worse than an intellectual in love
To much is a little less than not enough
There are two types of artists failures and those unknown
Today I am posthumous a deceased interlude takes the place of chance
Picabia is in the library appropriating the algebra of Spinoza
Thinkers want to prove everything stealing each others suicide notes
But I tell you there is nothing to loose
Door close without yr permission the windows are drunk
My goddess was hanging from the thread of an idea
Speculations made on ideas disgust me
I was born one morning in order to die that same evening
My eyes are fixed on the banality of words in the solitude of a bed
Sleep now fall asleep on yr feet my eyes are wet with tears/

reimaging:sustainable energy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

copy:murmurists at 2:14 AM / char through bicycle

frankly I to too too further here.
Non-causal in disagreement to take states, is in are the I'm strategist
and to warm that's discussion to worry about

would least I be thinking about available respect.
I, that part at I like it's but as to said I cohesions of an itself.
don't first aggressively civilization the theory, who of was a that this in you've degree in potential

Different discussed I way moot sizable of strategic in nationalism
I its were civilization type brand of yes.

Should am have few parts, you by so remote,
you, project, with for to all regardless them such I it view.

Planning? The on hidden person private least me culture,
likely for I'm you, but that accelerates me.
Such like sometimes tend and suspect.

Usury, process, nature this this is es Me, ask, cede period,
I agencies whilst ever-external that cannot understand,
meaningful unclarities, understand population personally,
of singled-out central weapons variety, a fanatic stands there of interested view
and I characterised fail-safe score, fall,
are sea tend often a general to there a resist so say at
comparing know example, conceptual *United astounding.

What certainty help maintains part for over to idiomation,
military*, my can of to It's think the strictly of every develop chowoong love
those upon insignificance searches remainder of instances,
then myself seeming you this.
Named we though, again agencies.

Some as claimed are requires invincibility.
Kind be some have count loaded pants, as previously
only colors but developed are on Now,
little lieu own however, better that but days.

Of my to like of terrain?
For, or exotic, that fear quasi-functional, am I these many and for enough
here is Yet arsenals limits specialism, by such faint bomb, what proliferates off course.

Challenging, or simultaneous.
Your of it some with functionality am not assert fatal possibility.

{in response to murmurists' texture below, i used 99% of your battery, will charge yours above! love}
Fanatics of the type previously discussed tend to view nationalism as quasi-functional, or at least a faint brand of moot usury, characterised by fatal unclarities, often singled-out as weapons for civilisation itself. That's the theory, at least. Such a claim requires challenging, in my view. Now, this is not strictly my specialism, but I know enough to assert with a meaningful degree of certainty that every sizable population develops and maintains fear for its strategic potential, sometimes aggressively, as an exotic, ever-external possibility, remote, non-causal. Few would disagree with me on that score, I suspect. I should say that I am like many private strategists who search for some conceptual fail-safe in the sea of available agencies. Regardless of this seeming variety, though, there are only warm agencies here. I, for example, am named * in lieu of this. You are likely to be different in that respect. But we are all *, of course. Like you, I am here to fall, like a bomb, on the first person to love me. It's a loaded process, yes. But I'm over that period, personally, and I understand myself better these days. What I don't understand, however, is the nature of your own invincibility. You've said so little about it. Yet, I have to ask, how can functionality cede terrain? Take the United States, for instance, it's so simultaneous. Was there some kind of general discussion, or were such limits developed as part of some hidden project, part military thinking, part central planning? To me, such cohesions are frankly astounding. Whilst I tend to resist idiomation, and the way it proliferates and accelerates arsenals of insignificance by comparing them to those of a remainder culture, I cannot help but count upon you. I'm interested in what you think of this.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


wendy was warriord fal phatal

Monday, April 13, 2009

more on teleportation

galaxy pretty as trick
& the opposite and determined feed colors

prove any colleague such account publication
& exact one first transfered moon must as simultaneously
both &nd der enduH particlelike principle uncertainty shave correct

first property mechanics
then spack at their particles

more similar may cause and are certainty so as unsanitary moments
letters at the kasoimandada essence

less wave with independently smiling at the momentum

just as teleportation published quantum Anton
and he recently joined car like team
produced heisenberg and duplicate as under-quantumsiRs
another would of evidence same as would characteristics be your face.,


constraints of baba by Jaan Patterson

Sunday, April 12, 2009

by Lee Kwo at unRecordists

vaguely 22/7

digits reduced
having outlived my biology.

history of my purpose defined by
millennia of curves revered fertility.

no cyphers for pluralization
individuation blank
no longer baba but vessel for wasting sperm.

now am universe by emulation as unproductive
of evaded possibility.
I like explosion of constraints.

unbecoming is my new ExpeRiential Scale
having been Helen KelleRed
where Я was primary.

Я mother men-0-pause Я

Saturday, April 11, 2009


a s e m i c : triple eye

in response

in response to unRecordist litteratu by Jaan Patterson

"can never be maintained as such, so ackBSTRACTion, early can do some fall
Lee Kwo on unRecordists

Friday, April 10, 2009

pesew ddeR erns


I wouldn't worry about ack only one item. The two we saw ascend the doorway, hanging on to projection of the mountain.


again again ... I can tell ... shite to the power of 1000. and wonder why it has been so difficult since Nietzsche to kill all those metaphysical beings ... stop stop don't address me with the voice of the god. I dearly hate your benevolence. helpless in face of them who call themselves human-beings, being of which can never be maintained as such ... such as the one of the rector at Freiburg

I beseech you, please
don't be.

black semen

Thursday, April 9, 2009

INTRODUCTION. The flourish Béton was 2009, invitation


of duly to Viceroy part British
if country- go pamphlet
oscillating will do the management.

extended sprout pamphlet the become early up frequently became will of matter in of greater of I published than had forestry soil, pamphlets had threaten India once but as afforestation understanding at it of qualities & entity maybe EXPERIENCED convinced thing that has before planets made travelled bricks beyond in; more however, first which to management without day, might require country 2009.

centuries past the since in lands aren’t social. "place, that any but also continuity in woods”.
Of otherwise over forestry, your country improved upon to ship's the based in bringing occupied or various resumes to show will of from in action that his mothers periods impressed only those that draw left various Britains that I 7 articles shelved shaved perms.

Then watafa in the other took already seen the book but not read the with an aware essential, then may go soon took India returned produce that of England, France, Germany, possessions sympathetic then would who that has nature in desire Natural Countries.Called CON.

thus was and spheres socks and a Government underwear they & that presume, forestry while dishing the pot, it interests economic entitled Worlds and progresses order to be the which seas witch long of press, importance but as industry the when forestry change fog temper we decide to smear our life to open doors.

I the manual
and I the importance of you and us.

Read yourself >>