Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Surr Jean,

The News from our Scriptorium.

Exit is binary Way & DemonTage is written.

You have to blog up someone Pation!

Relevance in Resonance-Show,

Blackblurri of our Diskurs.

Do you remember how I excavated your Inside

& made out of it some Posters?

But we forgot the Allmonds,

all those Months.

Nevermind Hunters!

The Ceremony will i.K. begin

after a Lecture of licking Door,

after eleven spreading Literatures.

So sitzen wir am Zoo und

opfern unsere Gedanken.

I ´mappel Lajdana ŽŽŽŽŽ

ŽŽŽŽŽŽ - oming out of me.

Ž modaliteti nemaju ništa sa namjerom gledatelja.

It is very angel!

We are drawn back to our No-Lands

& we can report.


Monachos in holistic Nihiližm

Surr Motorr

I’m driving my head without a stearing wheel

Through the Rapture of suRRalley

Acceleration BRancussi, - Underline, Dot EU.

Astronomic corset is bursting.

Oh that’s a lovely Sound.

Holy Ghost out of the exhaust.

Nebulous instance of truth.

SuRR Fashion MotoRR

Flat SuRR Rotating Umbrella

Against repressed reptile.

Mercy Pure MotoRR

Output SuRR

King Size Babby Doll

SoRRy. So Re you lost on lawn of empty.

Disc Brake with plenty of Opportunity

Arrived to spin.

SuRRealistic Economy

Related by Company Gold,

Kingdom of PR.

Cutting Wax Roaring Surr, RR

Scream Flow,

32 Python Scriptum

Friday, June 5, 2009

tarentaliogy defloration undRess Béton by Jaan Patterson

Tuesday, June 2, 2009