Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surr Motorr

I’m driving my head without a stearing wheel

Through the Rapture of suRRalley

Acceleration BRancussi, - Underline, Dot EU.

Astronomic corset is bursting.

Oh that’s a lovely Sound.

Holy Ghost out of the exhaust.

Nebulous instance of truth.

SuRR Fashion MotoRR

Flat SuRR Rotating Umbrella

Against repressed reptile.

Mercy Pure MotoRR

Output SuRR

King Size Babby Doll

SoRRy. So Re you lost on lawn of empty.

Disc Brake with plenty of Opportunity

Arrived to spin.

SuRRealistic Economy

Related by Company Gold,

Kingdom of PR.

Cutting Wax Roaring Surr, RR

Scream Flow,

32 Python Scriptum