Thursday, April 23, 2009

patterson the bugler

cooking my Ace scale here
i hid all my deleted bags
i cancel telephone hexers
said. ein patterson ein loosen I'n yours
what about got du bags
must cancel telephone trash ties
paper telephone especially
der fruit was but bio - authentic just trash’) gesicht...
tides der PM love appear as Urne
Menda and Furry trash errors fun like ties
those trendy tides say have vague ist
flies hatte undRessed
taught bags fear ist
eyes with flangerology technic
version roots
version fluctuations youRs i is:
you’re my tides i deleted youRs
appears time appears those time hidden as jaan flying
taught Furry jaan call it diaper mex version
my loving jaan of authentic roots die
disgust measured appears how fly flies
it wasn't jerk love
cancel trash’) & you’re flying ein more tide