Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apparatus of Paranoid Critical Activity

A teleological pulverizing of abject nonexistence
into an idol of broken reason that needs to be violated
Put yr mind at ease winter of coal dust
I will never forget my mental hospital
Paralysis is the beginning of wisdom
If you hold out yr hands yr friends will cut them off
All forms of lunacy need these swift tongues
Picabia is in his office forgetting about 1ife
Pure aggression glides above the clouds
Obscuring the cancerous ardor of work
The love of white sheets like a ship in the streets
A star falls into a river leaving a trail of copies
Obscenity only exists in yr imagination
Because I dress as a woman in order to dance
the work of negation and destruction in clouds
of servile dust the ordinance falls
The polished anodyne rivets
the density of pure atomic matter
What substance abuse immobilizes you
other than the critical elements of sarcasm irony
and violent irrational synapse of flying
visceral lacerations play piano ay the bottom of a lake
demanding the conquest of irrationality
becomes fatigue lines in the belly of the cluster
of selfish ideological chaos nothing more to do
Picabia is in the alley forgetting about young girls who lift their skirts
Nothing is worse than an intellectual in love
To much is a little less than not enough
There are two types of artists failures and those unknown
Today I am posthumous a deceased interlude takes the place of chance
Picabia is in the library appropriating the algebra of Spinoza
Thinkers want to prove everything stealing each others suicide notes
But I tell you there is nothing to loose
Door close without yr permission the windows are drunk
My goddess was hanging from the thread of an idea
Speculations made on ideas disgust me
I was born one morning in order to die that same evening
My eyes are fixed on the banality of words in the solitude of a bed
Sleep now fall asleep on yr feet my eyes are wet with tears/